Apple Trees
Apple Trees
Apple Trees
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Apple Trees

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Fiesta - Very flavorful, more disease resistant and easier to grow than most Cox types. Fiesta Apple has a mid to late season bloom period. Somewhat self-fruitful.

Gravenstein - Very flavorful, crisp, and juicy. Used for fresh eating, sauce and pies. Vigorous tree. 

Honeycrisp - The best flavored hardy apple. Large red fruits are crisp, juicy and sweet. Great keeper.  

Kingston Black - An English bittersharp cider apple that makes a full bodied cider without blending. Medium sized purple fruit. Ripens early in September.

Liberty - Very resistant to scab, mildew, cedar apple rust and fireblight. Medium sized, attractive red fruit, with a crisp sweet/tart flavor and is especially high in antioxidents. Midseason ripening, very productive. Bears annually and is a good keeper. Self-fertile. 

Sweet 16 - Medium-large red striped fruit is firm, crisp, juicy and aromatic. Has a sweet, pleasing flavor. Productive and precocious, a good keeper. Blooms late. Resistant to scab and fireblight. 

William's Pride - Very early, large, red dessert apple, crisp, juicy, and flavorful. Scab immune, resistant to fire blight, cedar apple rust and powdery mildew.

Wynooche Early - One of the best quality early ripening and disease resistant apples. Large, firm, juicy fruits with a great flavor and crisp texture. A yellow apple with red stripes. Suitable for fresh eating and cooking. Early bloom.