Blueberry Bushes
Blueberry Bushes
Blueberry Bushes
Blueberry Bushes
Blueberry Bushes
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Blueberry Bushes

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Blue crop - Large, light blue, and aromatic berries, good dessert quality. Very productive northern highbush, ripens over a 6 week period in midsummer. Cracking resistant. Attractive red fall color. Zone 4-8.

Brunswick - Light blue berries with great flavor. A lowbush type that forms a dense shrub to 12 inches high. Glossy round leaves, nice red color in the fall. Brunswick blueberry is hardy to Zone 3-7.

Chandler - Berries as big as a quarter! Delicious flavor, long ripening season; over 7 weeks. Very productive. 

Elliot - Late ripening northern highbush variety and a good keeper, effectively extending the fresh blueberry season into the fall. Very heavy yield of medium sized fruits. Late blooming, resistant to mummy berry and cracking. Dark red leaves in fall. 

Hardyblue - Very sweet, medium sized berry with superior flavor. Heavy yielding in midsummer. Widely adapted northern highbush, that is especially tolerant of heavy clay soil. Yellow fall color. Zone 4-8.

Jersey - An older variety still widely grown because of broad climatic tolerance and disease resistance. Productive of medium sized sweet berries. Late ripening northern highbush. Yellow fall and winter color makes it a great winter interest choice. Zone 4-8.

Legacy - Vigorous 6 ft. evergreen in mild winter areas. This northern highbush variety offers the potential for use as a year round screening plant. Legacy Blueberry has heavy yields of medium to large fruit with a great flavor. Leaves turn orange over winter. Zone 5-9.

Misty - A highly ornamental selection with blue-green leaves and pink flowers. Heavy yield of large to medium-large fruit of very good quality. Semi-evergreen southern highbush in mild winter regions. To 6 ft. eventual height. Zone 7-10.

Olympia - Very sweet and especially flavorful. Medium to medium -large fruit. Northern highbush ripening midsummer. Frost susceptible in the spring. Red and orange in fall. Zone 5-8.

Pink Lemonade - A New Jersey selection with sweet, pink fruit when ripe. Moderate yields of medium sized berries in mid to late summer. A cross of a southern and Northern highbush cultivar, so it is widely adapted Zone 5-9. SOLD OUT

Sunshine blue - A dwarfing evergreen blueberry to 3 ft. height. Great as a container plant on a deck. Bright pink flowers in spring, followed by delicious fruit ripening over a 2 month period in midsummer. 

Superior - A medium-sized upright plant with dark, firm fruit that is low in acid with a balanced flavor. Later ripening northern highbush variety which extends the picking season. Zone 3-7.