Fig Trees
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Fig Trees
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Fig Trees

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Beall - Medium to large purplish black fruit with sweet amber flesh. In Western Washington it ripens one crop. 

Dessert King - Dark green skinned fig with pink flesh. It matures in cool climates and is our most dependable variety in Western WA. Excellent quality fresh or dried. Zone 7-10.

English Brown - Large fruited variety best for fresh use. Bronze skin with red flesh, may be slightly hardier than most of the other varieties. Somewhat dwarfing. Full sun. Zone 7-10. 

Hardy Chicago - Medium sized brown skinned sweet fig. Hardy Chicago Fig is early ripening, able to fruit from stump sprout if frozen back over winter. Zone 6-10.

Madelaine of Two Seasons - This large red fleshed purple fig is very flavorful. Ripens a good crop in Western Washington in early August.  In a warm location a second crop can be produced in the fall.  A.K.A. Dan's Favorite and Ackermann's.

Olympian - A variety selected in Olympia, Washington with large purple skinned, violet fleshed fruit when ripe.

Panache Striped Tiger Fig - Small to medium sized fruit, green skin with yellow stripes. Very cool looking. Some faint striping is evident even in the young branches in the spring. Sets well here (Western WA) every year, but never ripens in our cool climate. However, the cut branches loaded with small striped figs are popular in floral arrangements. Zone 8-10.

Violette Du Bordeaux - A small tree with medium sized dark skinned, sweet and flavorful fruit. Very good fresh or dried. Reliable even in cooler climates. Sometimes referred to by the cultivar "Negronne". Zone 7-10.  

Violetta - Early ripening, quick to bear, abundant violet colored fruit.