Slight Pepper Lime HotBabe-HotSauce (previously our medium)
Slight Pepper Lime HotBabe-HotSauce (previously our medium)

Slight Pepper Lime HotBabe-HotSauce (previously our medium)

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Peppers Used: Trinidad Pimentos, Shishitos and lesser amount of Pimento de Padron

Our Slight Pepper is just as Sandra’s grandmother in Trinidad used to make it – fresh and packed with lots of flavor balanced with enough heat to make it interesting, but not overwhelming with the 4oz the perfect size for smaller use households and the 8oz for families seeking the taste of homemade with some heat. Fresh and tangy, spice and lime forward with a nice amount of Trinidad Pimento and Shishito flavor and Pimento de Padron heat at the back end blended with tomato to give a natural sweetness. All our ingredients are organically grown, and we use no sugars, oils, vinegar or gums.

Uses/Pairs well with: With freshly squeezed lime juice as its base, whether you are vegan/vegetarian or non-vegetarian, this is a cook’s dream sauce bringing an instant flavor lift to soups, salads, dressings, rice bowls, tamales, burritos, eggs, meats, fish, prawns and shell fish. Use as a seasoning/cook sauce or as a condiment.

Heat Level: Medium

This hot sauce requires refrigeration and should be used within 6 weeks of purchase or it can be frozen.