SUMMER SEASONAL - Mango Spice 4oz

SUMMER SEASONAL - Mango Spice 4oz

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Summer’s here and so are the ripe mangoes! We combined organic mango sweetness (no added sugar) with fresh ginger, lemon, lime, orange, basil and the fruity heat of red and yellow habaneros to create another Heat with Flavor™ fresh hot sauce. Yummy on just about everything!


Uses/Pairs well with: Compliments specifically these proteins - ham, bacon, pork, chicken, cod, halibut, rockfish (snapper), tuna, oysters. Fantastic paired with blue cheese or Parmesan. Also makes a delicious dressing for a crispy green salad or tomato salad. Drizzle over broiled asparagus or pan fried green plantains!

Sold in 4oz bottles.